Trade Radiating Northeast Asia

Shenyang is the biggest goods distribution center in Northeast China. There are farm produces, commodities and production materials, 3 categories and 60 kinds of goods in Shenyang. The technology, talents and labor market has become the nation-level factor market. In terms of the wholesales of computers, books, philately, cooking wares, daily groceries, fishing tools, flowers, Shenyang has come first in Northeast China and even in China. At present, Shenyang has more than 500 markets, among which, there are 10 markets with annual sales up to more than 100 million YUAN and 220 million YUAN annual tax turned in by them.

Shenyang's goods circulation industry develops rapidly. The average annual increase of the total retails of social consumables of Shenyang is 18.2%, ranking No. 4 among the 15 sub-provincial cities. At present, Shenyang has 167,000 business networks, among which there are more than 70 business buildings with over 10,000 m2 construction area and 15 retail markets with annual sales more than 100 million YUAN. The new commerce of Shenyang develops quickly and the number of chain shops is up to more than 2,000, among which there are 18 big supermarkets with an area of more than 5,000 m2. Also, the exhibition industry in Shenyang develops very fast and on average, it has 60 exhibitions every year, with the business amount of 20 billion YUAN.

"Shopping Heavy"-Taiyuan Street

Taiyuan street is the well-known business street in Northeast China where there are many businessmen.At present,Tianyuan Street has more than 200 shops,including such famous shops as Zhongxing-Shenyang Commercial Buildng,Shenyang New World Department Store and so on.Taiyuan Street has 400,000 daily customers and is called as "Shopping Heavy". So far, Taiyuan Street is drawing the attention of many merchants.The retail king Walmart,Times Wamer,Taiwan Buynow, Germany OBL, UK HOLA, pacific Department Store and so on have settled in Taiyuan Street, A new and modem business street is erecting.

City without Night"-Xita Street

Xita Street is the biggest street in China with Korean People's amorous feelings and is the ethnic-featured region where there are many Koreaninvested enterprises. Food, entertainment, trade, special flavor snack, famous tea, singing and dancing all gather here, so Xita Street is called as "City without Night" and is the pleasing place for entertainment at night.

"Silicon Valley"-Sanhao Street

Sanhao Street is the only computer market titled with "China" in China-China Computer Sortware City.It has more than 10 technology and commerce buildings such as Digital Times Plaza, Northeast China University Alpine Computer World Plaza, Tewei Building and so on and more than 1,000 technological shops.lt focuses on the R&D, sale of software,AV products and other products relating to computer.lt is called as "Silicon Valley" and is one of the Top 5 computer markets in China.Sanhao Street has been the well-known lT product dia\stribution center in China and it has more than 3,200 enterprises.

North Market

North Market is one of the busiest markets in China. lt is the famous business zone of the old Shenyang and the epitome of the traditional local life culture.Taiping Temple is the only one Family Temple of the Xibo ethnic group; Shisheng Temple is the first royal temple of the Qing Dynasty; the old site of CCPC Manzhou Provincial Committee is the witness of the hard time the communists experienced in the past.Now, North Market has become the business zone combining residence, office, food, entertainment, shopping and tourism, full of rdgional features and folk-custons and taking modem business civilization and traditional civilization included, and become the new brand of tourism culture and commercial culture of Shenyang.

Wuhao Market

Wuhao Market is the biggest commodities wholesale center in the north of china enjoying good reputation at home and abroad. It covers an area of 139,000 m2 and has 300,000 daily customers (400,00 on festivals) and approximately 20 billion YUAN annual sales. it is mainly engaged in dresses, shoes, caps, groveries, knitgoods, cloth materials, boxes, home appliances, gifts, daily sundry goods, beauty and hairdressing rticles, small foods, bedding goods and so on, totaling 14 big categories and more than 20,000 small classes.

China Shoes City

china shoes City is the famous and professional shoes wholesaoes marktr, it covers an area of 390,000 m2 and has more than 3,000 booths and 60,000 customers per day (100,000 customers in the midseason). lt has complite varieties of shoes, whether high-class, mid-class or low-class.The goods in it radiates over each comer of China, even over North Korea ,Mongolia, Russia and some countries in East Europe.

Daxi Electronics Market

Daxi Electronics Market is located in the hinterland of Shenynag's business zone. lt is the most centralized electronics distribution center in Northeast China.lt covers an area of 12,000 m2 and has 640 million YUAN annual sales.lt fovuses on wholesaoe and the retail is the second. It is mainly engaged in home appliances, Electronic components, hardware, lamps, totaling 4big categories and more than 30,000 small classes. The products of Dai radiate over Northeast China, lnner Mongolia, Shandong,Hebei and so on.


China Furniture City

china Furniture city in Shenyang is one of the biggest furniture centers in China. it covers an area of 360,000 m2 .
lt is mainly engaged in decoration materials,furniture,home appliances,sanitary ware and so on, totaling more than 600,000 classes.lts annual sale reaches more than 3 billion YUAN and its products radiate over Northeast China.lnner Mongolia, Hebei, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and so on.

Some Big-sized Supermarkets in Shenyang

Zhongxing-Shenyang Business
No,86,Taiyuan North Street,Heping District

Shenyang Business City
No.212-214,Zhonggjie Rd,Shenhe District

NEW-MART Shopping & Leisrue plaza
No,1,xiaodong Rd,Dadong District

Shenyang pool Co.Ltd
No.63,Zhonghua Rd,Heping District

No.121,changqing Street,Donggling District
Shenyang New world Department Store
NO,2 Harbin Street,Heping District
Shenyang Carrefour Supermarket
NO.39,Beizhan No.1 Rd,Shenhe District
Walmart Supermarket NO,8 XiaodongRd,Dadong District
Shenyang MEGA MART Supermarket
NO.2,Harbin Street,Heping Distrct
Shenyang Legou Supermarket
1A,NO,78,Huanghe South Street,Huanggu District